Kate Eliza – my all time favourite artist from the Mornington Peninsula – WOW – she's so much fun! This shoot displaying Kate's latest works of art was an absolute honour to be a part of. I have known Kate for a while now – obsessed with her art work would be an understatement. I currently have 6 pieces of her art in my home which I absolutely LOVE!

I purchased our first original piece of art for our daughter Penelope's 1st birthday, such a beautiful commissioned piece. 

It didn't take long until I purchased my 2nd piece being Lover Boy which was so exciting. It is so big, bright and colourful, such a statement piece. I often get told my house looks like an art gallery of Kate Eliza’s work, I am not complaining!

Kate is beautiful. She is so talented, Kate reached out to me when I first started MIMO and offered to help me, I was so blown away by her generosity and kindness, we had actually never met in person before then.

I love her willingness to help other small business owners grow by showing them the tools she has learnt over time. And this is why I love being part of the small business community, its super special, with some of the most incredibly talented people just like Kate.